West & Mid Wales coast & Mountains (1 night)

Route overview

This route takes in the best of West & Mid Wales’ roads and views. The route consists of mountain roads, back roads and small fishing villages and unspoilt coves. It avoids the generally overly busy areas of Pembrokeshire & Ceredigion and shows you the lesser known spots away from the crowds.

Day one.

The ride takes a westerly run along the M4 until we peel off up over our first mountain pass into Carmarthenshire mountains before we head West again out of Carmarthenshire and into Pembrokeshire. We’ve another mountain road to enjoy before we head back south west to head out onto the Pembs coast and meander our way through the small fishing villages and amazing coastal lanes and roads. 

The route then overnights in a small village right on the coast with fresh fish & chips on the doorstep and a couple of pubs for refreshments.

Day two.

Begins with more coastal road up into the edge of Ceredigion before we track back inland tracing the river along as it heads towards the south east. The route meanders through the Mid Wales lanes before we come back into Powys and Llandovery with the route returning over the Black Mountain pass and back towards the M4 at Swansea for a return to home.

What is included?

Two day fully guided ride. 

One night twin camping accommodation (B&B/hotel can be arranged, please contact us)

Evening meal, Breakfast. 

Loan of a Beeline™ navigation unit for the ride.

What isn’t included? 


Food & Drink while on the road

Spending money.

What do I need to bring? 

A roadworthy & legal bike, all bikes are suitable for this ride. 

Rides will take place in line with legal limits and pace is based on sight seeing rather than knee down. 

Camping equipment. Tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, pillow. (We can arrange hire if needed. Please contact us)

Waterproofs (fingers crossed not used!)

Breakdown cover and any specialist tools are advised just in case with the bike.